Thursday, 20 November 2014

Unworthy by Joanne Armstrong

A new review was posted on Amazon this morning, from a writer who I both respect and enjoy reading. Reviews such as this one make me want to keep working towards a fabulous Book 2!

"4.5 Stars - First, I'm not usually drawn to YA novels, but I picked up the book because I'm intrigued by dystopian or alternate worlds. This story is driven by two main characters (although it has a strong plot) Arcadia and Alex. There is a secondary character, Bastian, who I assume will return in the sequel to Unworthy.

I recently discovered this is the author's first book and...I'm impressed by that. I had no idea whether I'd enjoy the story after discovering in the initial chapters a wide-sweeping illness had devastated the world and left survivors with a new set of rules and a system based on survival of the fittest. The heroine is strong with 'grit' and backbone even though she is deemed 'unworthy' by a society who has little time for physical (sick) weakness. This society believes in putting all its resources into those they 'know' will survive. Arcadia bests not only the rigid rules of survival, but what she's always been led to believe are her betters. After the death of her beloved Grandfather, who encouraged and loved her through every step of her life, Arcadia is summoned to appear before what she assumes to be the Polis, the elite who rule their lives. She doesn't know why and like anyone would be, is terrified. Enter our other main character, Alex, her escort on the journey. Alex is portrayed as a physically imposing man who rarely smiles. He's all business until Arcadia, with her loving, caring nature carves a path to his heart.

I don't want to give away too much of the story, but on the journey, bonds are formed, masks are removed, and we learn more about the characters than what we originally thought. But then, in Arcadia's life, no one who is they said they were and nothing is at it seems.

If you like YA and dystopian novels, you'll love this book. It's compelling, addictive. Like me, you'll want to find out what Arcadia will discover along the way and what waits for her when she reaches her destination.

Well done, Ms. Armstrong. I'll be on the lookout for the sequel,


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