Saturday, 1 November 2014

Decadent Deceptions by Keta Diablo

I thoroughly enjoyed this well written romp through a dangerous cat and mouse game of desire and deception.

About Keta Diablo:

Keta Diablo is a multi-published author of paranormal, historical and occasionally gay fiction (paranormal). In 2009, her erotic romance Decadent Deceptions was a finalist in the RWA Molly contest. In 2010, Keta's entry Phoenix Rising finaled in the Scarlet Boa contest and in 2011 Keta's acclaimed paranormal shifter, Where The Rain is Made, was nominated by Authors After Dark for a BOOKIE AWARD AND by Deep In The Heart of Romance for BEST ROMANCE OF THE YEAR.In 2014 Sky Tinted Water was nominated for a Rone Award.

Many of her books, including her gay fiction series CROSSROADS have won numerous awards: Top Reviewer's Pick, Recommended Read and Best Book of the Month.

About Decadent Deceptions:

The story takes place in 1856 in Savannah, Georgia, all flouncing lavender dresses and drawling accents. Diablo does a wonderful job of capturing the essence of the south, giving her reader exactly what we expect and require, without quite tipping into a cliché.

Her heroine, Olivia, is strong minded and independent, one who women of our times can relate and aspire to, and is really quite out of place for 1856. This is all part of the set-up though - Diablo weaving an intricate and thoroughly believable story of a wayward young lady being brought to heel first by her father (unsuccessful), then her brother (again, unsuccessful) and finally her soul mate (beautifully and predictably successful - but on her own terms). The story had the feel of The Taming of the Shrew, and I really warmed to Olivia in the character of Katherine.

Now for her hero. He was simply perfect. We all love a manly man, and Morgan is definitely that. He had plenty of the rugged rogue in him, enough to entice the wayward Olivia (and us) in and hold her interest, plus enough of the romantic to clearly fall head over heels in love. Who could resist such a man? I predict that few of Diablo’s readers will be able to.

Al Diablo’s characters were fleshed out and real - even the secondary ones such as the brother, sister in law and local Madam. All of them behave consistently and believably throughout the story, making it so much more easy to immerse in.

The story versus bedroom scenes were balanced perfectly, plus there was just that tiny touch of mystery to add interest and intrigue; although thankfully not much, as it simply wasn’t needed.

I conclusion, this was a thoroughly enjoyable book with likable and lustable characters who are sure to please fans of sexy, sensual fiction.

If you want to find out more about Keta, she can be found here:

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